About Brother Malthus

Nocturne – a depiction of a night scene in any artistic medium: music, art, photography,etc…

Mortuuus – Latin for death.

Interpret the Blog title as you wish

Brother Malthus is a psuedonym I have chosen from a character in a book that I hope to write.  My birth name is Matthew.  I graduated from the University of Wyoming August 2006 with a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management: terrestrial option.

I am a devout Christian with many seemingly gothic dispositions (life, death, moral and spiritual depravity of humanity, the severity of sin, etc…).  Because of which, I would have to classify myself as a “closet goth.”  I also enjoy using classic beatnik slang – as of late, this has lessened.  I have yet to truely dig into the beat scene by reading Kerouac and Ginsberg, but I have listened to the Basic Hip record so I’ve got a grasp on the lingo. I often mix in contemporary gamer slang also – PWN (annunciated OWN or Pown).
My passions – besides my faith in and relationship with God – are (in order): tea, tobacco, coffee, and deep, thoughtful conversation.

My expectations for this site is to produce a forum for the theology and understandings I come across – especially the stuff I come up with; all-be-it there is ‘nothing new under the sun'(Ecclesiastes 1).  I also plan on posting some of my literary exerpts – essays and fiction – so as to get additional feed back.
Thank you for stoping by and I hope you enjoy this little nocturne.